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Replacement Compatible Cartridges for the Franke Filter system Manufactured in the UK by DOULTON

Welcome to our dedicated FRANKE TRIFLOW CARTRIDGES Web site.

FRANKETRIFLOWCARTRIDGES.COM is wholly owned and managed by SpringClear Ltd.

Trading as SPRINGCLEAR Ltd., we are a leading Franke specialist, successfully retailing the Franke range of products throughout the WORLD via this and other Websites, Amazon and Ebay.

SPRINGCLEAR Ltd. Our fully e-commerce site, can be found online at -

This site is dedicated to the UK and Worldwide sale, of associated products and replacement compatible Water Filter Cartridges for the Franke Triflow range of products, manufactured by the World famous Doulton brand, to exacting standards in Staffordshire, the heart of Middle England in the UK.

The Doulton cartridges are direct replacements for the original Franke cartridges, and are compatible with the following Franke products :-

• Franke Triflow & Franke Trispray - All Models
• Franke Mini Triflow - All Models
• Franke Triflow Trend - All Models
• Franke Little Butler - 2000 - All Models
• Carron Phoenix Tri-pure System - All Models

Our two main products available for immediate despatch Worldwide are:-

THE DOULTON M15 SUPERCARB Water Filter Cartridges, these are compatible with the Franke Triflow Range, they can be used on the older type Franke triflow systems with the white plastic housings and also the newer Stainless Steel type housings. To view the two main types of housings CLICK HERE: Please note that the Supercarb is a lower specification than the Ultracarb.

THE DOULTON M15 ULTRACARB Water Filter Cartridges are the direct compatible replacements for the Franke Triflow systems and can be used on the older Franke triflow systems with the White plastic housings and the newer versions with the Stainless Steel Housing.

THE DOULTON ULTRACARB is fully approved and certified by the NSF, and is accepted and approved throughout the USA including the states of California, Iowa, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.

We are able to offer DOULTON Water Filter Cartridges as compatible alternatives to the original Franke cartridges at very competitive rates, both in the UK, the US and the rest of the world, in fact wherever the FRANKE TRIFLOW FILTRATION SYSTEMS are used.

Trade enquiries are very welcome , we can offer some excellent deals for box quantities, with door to door deliveries throughout the world.